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Being Positive Is Not A Good Thing?

“Being positive is not always better because we stop taking action when we are satisfied”. I was relieved when I heard this comment.

During the pandemic, I was having a hard time keeping a balance between all of the positive and negative emotions that were coming up. With the constant stream of fearful messages coming from the news and media, the energy around my neighbourhood was very tense and unsettled. Each time I went out for groceries or to walk the dog, I found myself with a shallow breath and holding my body and mind stiffly. Doubt, anger, frustration and despair filled the air – there was a really negative mood everywhere. Over many years, I have developed a keen sense and am able to feel the energies around me very strongly. This is usually a gift, but during the pandemic, I was cursing my sensitivity towards the energies around me.

At one point I let myself be negative and miserable, I did not care about smiling anymore – you can’t see much of your face with a mask on anyways…

I don’t know how long this went on for, but then I noticed interesting things starting to happen. In November of 2020, all of these things occurred:

  • “More shingles blew away today…”

  • “The dishwasher finally gave out…”

  • “I got a sudden flat tire in the middle of a windy and snowy day…”

  • “The furnace suddenly makes loud noises…”

  • “The washer also decided to make beeping noises and stopped moving in the middle of the washing cycle…”

  • “It is one of the slowest business months of the year...”

  • “I am finding is absolutely impossible to meditate now – when I close my eyes, a tidal wave of problems flood my thoughts…”

Crazy right? It really goes to show how the energy we put out affects those things and people around us. But sometimes, negativity actually makes people work harder. When we worry about sickness, which is a negative emotion, we work harder to eat healthy and make time to exercise. We create positive actions.

I hope during this unprecedented time filled with so much fear and negativity, you were also able to create some positive actions for you and those around you.

There are no shortcuts or wrong ways in the path of life. Each step has shaped who you are now. Keep on walking.

What I Learned During the Pandemic: Keep On Walking



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