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3 Types of Decluttering to Change Your Life Better

I have found that there are 3 different types of decluttering that can change the way you feel each day.

1. Declutter your belongings

Decluttering means that you minimize your possessions down to an amount you can manage more easily. Interestingly, we are actually much more comfortable with a very small number of possessions than many possessions.

One evening we had an unexpected power blackout for about an hour. We shuffled through our available resources and ideas to deal with this emergency. We boiled hot water with a camping burner and the tea we made with that burner under the candlelight tasted much better. This small example changed my way of thinking, limited resources stimulate my mind and open me up to more options. I decided to only keep kitchen tools that have multiple purposes or that are used every day. I ended up donating a kettle, deep-fryer, bread maker, and coffee maker.

I now do annual, and sometimes semi-annual, decluttering of my possessions which helps me in so many ways. Firstly, I am not good at organizing or finding the things I am looking for, so fewer items in the drawer make both of these tasks much easier. Secondly, many possessions require more attention and time to maintain. I know my limits of mental capacity – the more downloads into my mental capacity, the slower the mind becomes – just like an old computer. With fewer possessions, I have a freer mind I can use for more important tasks.

2. Eliminate certain foods and supplements

When you consume foods that trigger inflammation, your body has to work harder to balance your body system. Certain foods use much of your qi (vital energy) to modify or neutralize so that your body can use any nutrients from the foods. In the worst-case scenario, there may not be much qi left to heal or rejuvenate your organs at the end of the day. And while you sleep, your body is still working to digest and eliminate those inflammatory foods, that may result in your lingering fatigue.

I try to eliminate all processed foods AND supplements when possible. I eliminate alcohol, unhealthy fats, caffeine, dairy, and gluten during the warm season for the purpose of extra cleansing and restoration of organs.

I used to have a shelf filled with supplements in my fridge. But I find that when I eliminate certain foods, I almost always feel better (except for the first few days of caffeine withdrawal). When I feel better, I don’t look for supplements – and I still feel good without them. So I recommend trying to eliminate foods that trigger inflammation first, rather than adding more supplements. No matter how many good supplements you take, your body still has to work hard if you have inflammatory foods in your system. Food is medicine, and now I spend more money on real food instead of supplements.

3. Eliminate any unkind thoughts

The most important type of decluttering for your well-being is mental decluttering – eliminate any unkind thoughts you hold about yourself.

Most thoughts you have in a day are actually habitual thoughts. These habitual thoughts likely started based on what you were taught or what you experienced in reaction to some kind of fear. When you repeat this way of thinking, it eventually becomes more habitual and shows up more often. For example, when I look at my hands I see wrinkled and dried hands with aging spots. I could think “Oh yuck, my hands look horrible…they show how old I am!” but it would be much better to think, “These are hardworking, love-providing Mom hands! They really deserve a good hand cream.” We need to practice replacing our unkind thoughts with loving thoughts. It may feel like pretending at the start and may take a while, but the benefit of sticking with it is tremendous. Are you a person who sees the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’? This is not a way of being that you were born with, but rather a choice you can make. To go even further, you don’t have to see the empty part of that glass at all!

I recommend trying one of these types of decluttering that you have not done before. You will discover something new about your thoughts and feelings and find a way to incorporate it into your life in your own sustainable way.

We are meant to flow and move our body and mind. When we stop the flow completely, we are not who we are anymore, and become very unhappy as a result. Decluttering gives space to allow yourself to flow, and that’s a good starting point. It’s your choice how you do it.

Have a fun Summer!

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