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Get in the Mud!

During my morning dog walk, I heard someone say: “Dogs and Spring do not mix well – they get too messy and mucky and it’s impossible to keep them clean.” Dogs really do love the mud in general. It makes me think of my kids when they were younger, they loved walking through puddles after the rain came and went.

Having a pet in the house was always one of my childhood dreams. Growing up with a family living in a suburb of Tokyo, we had pet chickens and dogs but they were always kept outside in their own kennel. My parents didn’t believe in sharing the home with the animals. But now here I am, finally an in-house dog owner - and now I am also in charge of the clean up after a muddy walk!

The intimate relationship gained from owning a pet has changed our life quite a bit. Sometimes we are annoyed by a beast living the same space, but we are definitely laughing more and more everyday by sharing and enjoying his in-the-moment style of life. Another unexpected benefit is that I find myself following the rules of nature more closely – I am walking outside every day with the dog, moving my physical body, getting more grounded and enjoying the blessing of sunshine.I have also reminded many lessons from our dog, such as enjoying each meal with full attention, that when you ingest the wrong food, you should eliminate it immediately, and that dogs and people are meant to be friends on the street. My dog has such a balanced and grounded energy so I can also use his energy to balance myself – simply by giving him a hug.

A study from University of Bristol revealed that the bacteria known as Mycobacterium vaccaewhich is found in soil can actually boost serotonin levels – the “feel good” hormones that make us happy. So, get in that dirt and dig around just like your dog does. They know what’s good for them.

Hug a pet and happy Spring!

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