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Mom's Food of Love

My late Mom used to say, “Don’t forget to add special seasoning into your cooking –­ ‘love’.”

I had forgotten about this seasoning until I had children of my own. And now I am telling my children the same phrases that my Mom used to say to me. But of course, my kids seem like they couldn’t care less about my speech – just like I used to be. No matter how upset I have been with my grumpy teens’ attitude, when I fix a meal for them I intentionally add this special ingredient into it. I chant ‘I love you’ into the food as I stir.

I believe that most of the caring energy we hold comes from the palms of our hands. When you have a headache, you put your hand on your head. When you have a stomach ache, you hug your stomach with your hands. When you see a disappointed friend, you put your hand on their shoulder. So, if you want to add ‘love’ to your food, directly using your hands is the most effective way to do it.

Sushi, ongiri (rice balls), and gyoza (pot stickers) are all staples in our house and they are literally hand-made foods. As I roll the food, I chant ‘love, love, love’. I don’t think I am an especially good cook, but my children say “Mom’s cooking tastes better…”.

I enjoy going out for meals and they always taste very good, but I feel better when I eat my own cooking. Take time to add some love to your cooking and enjoy the food that makes you feel better.

Happy Valentine's day.

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