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The Power of Kilauea

It was 7 years ago when I had the incredible opportunity to spend time meditating and connecting my soul on the big island of Hawaii - the homeland of the Kilauea volcano. This magical place is known as a ‘power spot’ or ‘blue zone’ which means it is a unique place in the world where you can find the most authentic energy to the human body.

I spent my mornings walking alongside the shore, relaxing into the beautiful surroundings. One day, I was invited to an area along the shore where old trees provided a perfect sitting spot for me to stretch my legs. I enjoyed a couple deep breathes of slightly salty air. And just like that, I began receiving messages from the old trees living there by the wild Pacific Ocean shore. I listened, “We and all living creatures on this planet are nourished by Mother Nature. Humans are only creature who have forgot how to live in nature. When we take resources and foods from nature to survive, we return ourselves back to the cycle of universe. That is the law of nature.”

I was just staring at the ocean, the waves cleaning and cleansing the water and the air each time they come - a part of the cycle.

At this time, I did not understand why this place had a totally different energy than any other place I had been. But after looking at these photos and videos of the lava flow from Kilauea volcano, I think I know why.

The big island of Hawaii is a place that is creating new land and supporting the lives for the future. Who said volcanic eruption is a destroyer of the environment? Rather, it is a way of starting new lives and energies in the big picture.

The blue planet - the beautiful planet of Earth. What can we do to help this planet? Plant trees? Recycle our garbage? Use less fossil fuel? We all learn all of these concepts in elementary school, but do we really do it everyday? There are people who invent technologies to create clean waste. And people who work directly towards rescuing the environment and wild animals. My childhood dream was becoming a veterinarian to help rescue the wild animals - it did not come true, but the spirit of caring for the environment is still inside me.

Let’s all take action, whether it be a commitment to composting, buying less packaged items, reusing and recycling, biking or walking instead of driving your car. Our life is depending on it. The Dalai Lama said, “The world is not bad as you think. Each one of us can make the world a better place.”

We are building a force for the good.

Thank you,


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