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What is Energy Therapy? And what should I expect from the first session?


Energy therapy is a process of finding flows of excess and deficiency within your energy patterns and working to bring them into harmony so your energy is balanced. Once your energy is in balance, your body can heal itself. After the treatment, You will find that your pain becomes relieved and you will feel more like yourself. You may even experience a keener sense of smell, taste, and eyesight. Your experience will depend your level of imbalances and openness to heal.


What tools do you use to help balance my energy?


I use many tools including acupuncture, laser acupuncture, aromatherapy, and intuitive reading. I have also been trained and certified in Ho’oponopono, Angel Therapy, Past Life Regression, Aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and use knowledge from each of these practices to guide my clients. I ask your body what you need and direct the healing process accordingly.


When do I need to see you?


There are a few reasons why you may feel it is time to bring your energy back into balance. Some reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • When you are not sure what is going on your health, your mind or even your life. Perhaps you feel that you are just surviving each day, this is a sign you should come to balance your energy.

  • When you are well-educated about your health but other methods of healing from various specialists are not working for you.

  • When you feel like your energy is scattered and you feel exhausted.

  • When you have a persistent body ache that you cannot eliminate.


There are many ways that your body can be telling you that your energy is imbalanced. Please contact me with any questions you may have about your energy or health.


I just want to eliminate the pain I am feeling. Do I have to talk about my personal story and change my entire lifestyle?


Not necessarily. I want you to be comfortable with your healing and balancing process. I am capable of treating you without any physical conversation if you do not wish to speak about it. You can simply come to see me to ease your physical and mental pain.


Do you have to use acupuncture to balance your energy?


No. Acupuncture is an effective method to balance your energy; however, laser acupuncture (needleless), essential oils, and intuitive reading can move your energy flow back into balance beautifully.


How often do I have to come to see you?


This totally depends on your personal goals. The introductory session takes about 90 minutes and follow ups are 60 minutes. For the first few appointments, you can come every week and once your energy has been balanced, you can come on a monthly or quarterly basis to maintain your balance. If during the maintenance period, a new event occurs and hinders your energy flow, you can book a session anytime and we can help bring you back into balance. With time, you will learn how to bring your energy back into flow and balance on your own.

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