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"Have you been listening to your body?"


Often, my clients book their first appointment to see me because they have been dealing with some time of acute or chronic pain. This pain is an indicator that you need to pay attention to, as it is your body communicating with you. Usually, it is asking you to listen to something important in your life that you haven’t been giving the time or energy to.


For example, headaches can be a reminder to breathe deeply more often, of unsolved forgiveness, or reaction to the food you have taken. Lower back pain can be a reminder of your responsibility overload, or your need of habit modification. Autoimmune disorders can be a reminder to participate in healthier life habits, or to focus in on your life’s purpose.


At the Conversation Stage, I will work with you to help you listen to what your body is saying and to build strategies to stay in conversation with your body more effectively. It is important for us to learn to work with our bodies instead of trying to silence them.

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