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Finding one’s true self


As we know, everything is energy. When we wish to seek out our true self and clarify our purpose, we must start by de-cluttering our physical energy. In the Clarification Stage, I examine your energy through a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice and work to eliminate any excess or unwanted energy. In areas where you are energy deficient, I focus in to find the cause of deficiency. As energy affects both physical and mental aspects of your well-being, I will explain your energy patterns from both perspectives for your full understanding. This process is done through acupuncture, laser acupuncture (needleless), essential oils, and intuitive readings. Sessions may take longer dependent upon the individual.


When you are in a state of balanced energy, the body can heal itself much faster and your mind enters into the most receptive state for experiencing a higher vibration. When you allow this to happen, you will find that you are more open to receiving higher vibrational messages and will feel more connected to your intuition and internal state of knowingness.


I will also help you learn how to attune, balance and enter into harmony with your energy every day to maximize your potential.

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